A host of products for you and your guests this holiday season!

Starting the holiday season off right, we are excited to start inviting friends and family over for warm meals and game nights! And while hosting is one of our favorite things to do, we don’t always feel adequately prepared for the venture of creating the atmosphere and vibe for these events.

Seeking out helpful hints and advice, we’ve put together the top needs Elanze can provide you, to create the inviting look and feel of the holidays seasons’ greetings!

Top 3 trends this Thanksgiving season!

#1 Dinnerware for dynamic and delightful tablescapes 

At the top of our list is a beautiful dinnerware set, perfect for reinventing every holiday table set up! 

Elanze dinnerware and dish sets

We’ve developed dinnerware sets perfect for complementing any meal with loved ones. From family get-togethers to Friendsgivings and everything in between!

See a host of colors for your perfect tablescape decor! 

Various variety of dish colors from the Elanze dinnerware collection#2 Decorative pumpkins for perfect accents

Elanze pumpkins are perfect for harvest, Halloween, and autumn set up! With several colors and so many ways to decorate and jazz up them up, the ways to include these pumpkins into your decor are endless!

Elanze pumpkins placed on tabletop decor, black, white, teal

We had some of our finest decorate some pumpkins this fall and the results were inspiring! Check out some creative ways to decorate your pumpkins this fall!

Elanze pumpkins craft ideas; white, green, teal#3 Candle warmers for smells to delight the senses

Warmers that are for candles, wax drops, oils and more! We have a warmer for any and all scent fusing needs!

Elanze warmer group shot; 2-in-1 warmer, jar warmer, and glass lantern warmer

Elanze warmers are some of the top rated warmers on Amazon, with several styles and loads of designs to choose from, decorating your home with the perfect smell is easy!

Elanze 2-in-1 warmers; showing versatile uses

From dinnerware to pumpkins, warmers, and more! Elanze is a great place to begin your decorating needs and wants this holiday season.